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Based in Athens - Greece / To concentrate & disseminate the work of artists in performance art epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation is an artists’ platform that has been set up in order to concentrate and disseminate the work of artists in the field of performance art. Having its basis in Athens - Greece, it aims at engaging local artists and the public with activities that incorporate visual performance art. At the same, epitelesis is actively involved in developing ties with individuals and organizations on an international level, in order to create a supportive structure for the execution of events, the documentation of cultural activities and the promotion of opportunities for performance artists. Its name derives from the Greek word “επιτέλεση”, proposed as the native translation of performance art. According to Demosthenes Agrafiotis, it can refer to a ‘ritual’ or a ‘ceremony’, in the sense of symbolic and collective procedures embedded in cultures and their corresponding functions, as evidence of cultural particularity. Performance has an ‘aim’ (“telos”/“τέλος”) and individual or collective objectives (ex. criticism of the social order, investigation of personal abilities and experimentation with codes of expression). As a procedure, performance evolves, develops and is realized with all the means and processes available to performers, for the successful metamorphosis of material and immaterial elements and the achievement of a certain kind of quality or perfection (“teleiotita”/“τελειότητα”). This kind of perfection can be approached in performance as having the purpose to ‘complete’ a process, by making use of actions, tactics and codes as the (im)material means available to the performer’s body in connection to the participating audience. In the Homeric epics, the traveller advances to his destination, ‘finishes’ and ‘carries out’ or ‘realizes’ and ‘completes’ his journey. In a similar manner, “epitelesis” alludes to the completion of a journey, the fulfillment of thought, wish or prophecy. In moving forward with the journey, the verb “telein”/“τελείν” stands for ‘I make’ - ‘I do’ - ‘I act’ in absolute agreement to this command, prayer, promise, or prophecy.
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epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

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