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Dance & Performance Art FB-page is a platform for sharing different projects such as performances, festivals and workshops of international character. Dance & Performance Art FB-page is an initiative by the dancer and choreographer Ellinor Ljungkvist. The intention is to share projects in different forms - but always under the category of contemporary dance and performance art. The projects are of local, national and international character. Conceptualised, choreographed and performed by freelance dancers and choreographers working in the free scene of professional dance and performance art. With Örebro as a base and Europe as a possibility for artistic exchange dancers and choreographers has realised artistic projects both back home and international. Projects on local ground has been supported by Dans i Örebro län, Örebro Kultur- och Medborgarnämnd and TAOS - The Art of Sweden. In collaborations with Theatre Martin Mutter Örebro, Örebro Kulturhus, The New Theatre Örebro and Fröjdans Dance Organisation.
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Dance & Performance Art

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