EPP Group, Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to the largest political group in the European Parliament, defending centre-right policies to promote growth and jobs in Europe. The EPP Group brings together centre and centre-right pro-European political forces from 27 Member States of the EU. We are the largest political group in the European Parliament with 220 Members, elected by you in May 2014. Our priority is the creation of jobs and a healthy sustainable economy. The European Union is facing enormous challenges after the European elections. Millions unemployed, increasing migration levels, tough global competition and measures to overcome the crisis are coupled with a loss of trust in the ability of politics to deliver solutions. We believe in putting people at the heart of the solution through the kinds of reforms that see governments investing money wisely to create a skilled and educated workforce and a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and allows entrepreneurs to create their own businesses - and jobs! We believe in working together to advance the goal of a more competitive and democratic Europe, closer to its citizens, and with a strong influence in the global arena. We believe in people #believeinpeople MODERATION GUIDELINES We encourage everyone to participate in the dialogue on this page but kindly ask you not to post comments which are either offensive in themselves or clearly offensive to other users. Please keep your comments relevant to the post. Do not try to sell or advertise anything. If we see off-topic, abusive or inappropriate language, we will remove the comment. Repetitive behaviour in violation of these guidelines may result in a report or a ban. If you have individual requests, you can always contact us via our email address: The page is maintained by the Social Media Team of the EPP Group. European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60 1047 Brussels Belgium Call: +32-2-2842111
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EPP Group, Brussels, Belgium

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