NSW Labor, Sydney, Australia

NSW Labor is a branch of Australia’s oldest and largest political party, the Australian Labor Party. Members of NSW Labor are part of an organisation which has a proud history of achieving for the people of Australia for well over 100 years. This page is authorised by Jamie Clements, 377 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000. COMMENTS POLICY Thank you for liking our page on Facebook. Please note anything posted externally on this page by Facebook users do not necessarily represents the views of NSW Labor. All comments on this page must be made respectfully. We reserve the right to delete any comment that contains: • Hate speech; • Nudity; • Spam; • Name calling or personal attacks; • Threats; • Defamation; • Anything else deemed offensive; • Any unsolicited marketing or promotion of products; • Anything that the NSW Labor Digital Team considers inappropriate. The NSW Labor Digital Team also reserves the right to ban users from the page for repeated or serious breaches of this policy. When a comment that breaches this policy comes to the attention of the NSW Labor Digital Team it will be deleted. Due to the rapid nature of social media, not all comments will come to our attention immediately upon posting, but we will endeavour to remove it as soon as we become aware of it. If you believe that a comment is in breach of this policy, do not hesitate to contact the NSW Labor Digital Team at 377 Sussex Street 2000 Sydney Australia Call: (02) 9207 2000
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NSW Labor, Sydney, Australia

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