Change Maryland, Annapolis, United States

The campaign fighting to bring fiscal restraint and common sense to Annapolis! Three years ago, Larry Hogan founded Change Maryland to bring fiscal responsibility and common sense to Annapolis and give Marylanders a way to hold their elected officials accountable. Since then, Hogan has crisscrossed the state listening to Marylanders from all walks of life. In his conversations, he heard one common theme - frustration. Frustration over the feeling that instead of solving the serious issues facing our great state, the politicians were actually causing them: imposing record taxes, doing nothing to stop the loss of jobs and job creators, and pursuing an out of touch agenda that leaves Maryland’s working families behind. Marylanders want to see a change in Annapolis. The powers-that-be believe they will have another coronation in November. But with your help, we will give them the fight of their lives. We simply can’t sit on the sidelines and accept status quo, politics-as-usual in Annapolis. And, we can’t give another four years to the same politicians who have caused these problems. One thing is clear: We can’t change Maryland without changing governors. And that’s precisely why Larry Hogan is running for governor. Visit to join the fight! Authorized by Larry Hogan for Governor, R. Christopher Rosenthal, Treasurer. PO Box 6559 21401 Annapolis United States
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Change Maryland, Annapolis, United States

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