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Social Networking for Radio Stations is designed to help broadcasters develop their own strategic plan for social media and to encourage the right creative so RADIO can get the attention it deserves in this space. This is the RADIO sharing page for social media and program directors, personalities, promotions and marketing directors, market managers and more. It's free to join. Simply click "LIKE" inside the page or on the page itself. And you can get free weekly social media content strategy for radio sent directly to your smartphone or email by signing up here: Once you are a member, you will receive free on Facebook: -- Limited but consistent social media tips, ideas, examples (from inside and outside the industry) -- Content designed to help your team build a social media strategy that can give your brands "real world results." ALSO, we ask: Invite friends to join the group and share what they are seeing and learn from others. Send this link to your co-workers, friends in this industry, company employees and other broadcasters so they can join. WORD OF CAUTION: When you make a contribution make sure it is about social networking for radio stations. Your posts should be about strategy for radio or related to something radio should look at for inspiration to match the right creative so radio can encourage engagement in social media with their brands and personalities. Thank you. Loyd Ford is the marketing and ratings strategist for Americalist Media Marketing. He has been working with radio and other media brands all across the U.S. for the last 9+ years. This work allows Loyd to help radio broadcasters and entertainment brands with strategic elements of direct marketing and social media to help them grow and engage participators and influencers to build their brand value. Before doing this work, Loyd served as a program director and ops manager in small, medium and large markets across the U.S. for companies such as Entercom, Clear Channel, SFX, Capstar and more. Read radio-social media content @ Loyd may be contacted directly at the following: 877-475-6864 or Call: 704-543-7873
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Social Networking For Radio Stations

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