Sawt Music, Cairo, Egypt

Music Production When it comes to artistic expression, we consider ourselves to be the voice of all music with value. Right before establishing Sawt Music in 2013, we were dedicated merely to studying and analyzing the taste of Egyptian audiences which directed its attention to stimulating music, and so from here, we took it as our role to promote genres that express unique and sentimental purpose. So you might ask yourself, what is Sawt Music? The answer to that is, Sawt Music is a full-service music agency. What we do is we advocate all forms of art that are of particularly of very high and uncommon forms. We do that by pursuing all sorts of authentic talents where we do full scale planning and managing of concerts as well as tours for each artist we work with. We act as consultants and booking agents and choose the best of organizing schemes and gig venues. We support each performing artist with the most suited and widespread range of promotional programs for the highest exposure. Along with the event coverage, we provide the marketing, advertising, public relations and organizing services that best promote it. Moreover, Sawt Music has launched its own line of audio and video production. Our first video clip was for Ensemble Ibn Arabi’s ( Her Words Bring Me to Life تحيي اذا قتلت ) track which was released on June 19th, 2015. In addition to that, we are planning to launch our distribution line where we will be focusing our efforts in spreading the inspirations of regional artists that require higher presence in the Egyptian market, as well as setting the optimum distribution strategy by which the voices of every artist we work with will optimally reach all listeners. That’s not it, we are consulted by hugely reputed agencies to set full entertainment programs to recruit the artists that we work with. These are our main pillars: 1. Event planning, organizing & management 2. Artist Managing & Consulting 3. Music Production & Distribution 4. Entertainment & Music consulting & booking Call: 01156551166
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Sawt Music, Cairo, Egypt

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