Bring It On - The Musical, Sydney, Australia

BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL THE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE An explosive new musical comedy based on the popular movie of the same name .Broadway.Com The heroine Campbell sings of her longstanding dream of becoming head cheerleader of the Truman High School squad in the show’s opening moments. After achieving her ideal — defeating her mean-girl rival Skylar, who takes the loss in stride, so preeningly assured is she of her own perfection — Campbell begins drilling her team for the national championships at a summer cheer camp. But horrors! Just before the school season begins, Campbell receives a letter announcing that because of redistricting, she will be forced to attend Jackson High, a nearby school in a far rougher neighborhood. The big OMG — horrors is too tame a word to describe this calamity — is that Jackson does not even have a cheerleading squad. NEW YORK TIMES 215 Anzac Parade 2203 Sydney Australia Call: 00
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Bring It On - The Musical, Sydney, Australia

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