Musicians Unite, Linglestown, United States

Musicians Unite is the #1 new home for all musicians to finally come together to more easily network with, learn from, support and inspire each other!! First and foremost, we built our community at to have the most detailed and searchable musicians’ database out there today to allow you to easily connect with all types of musicians from all over the country. Our site has been designed by musicians who were frustrated by the "25 words or less" classifieds and vague "instrument and zip code" online musician searches. We understand that being in a band is a relationship on many levels: professionally, personally, creatively, and we've designed our site so you can build your own detailed personal profile and run your own specific and personalized searches with these crucial aspects in mind. But that’s not all our site is designed to offer. We want our members not only to network with each other, but to also learn from each other, to connect, to share their successes and what has worked for them, and also what they've learned from their failures. This is the best way for all of us to help move our own musical careers forward. So along with our highly searchable database we also have regularly updated featured articles, blogs, vlogs, interviews, and instructional videos, all to better help you not only survive but thrive in today’s complex and ever changing music business. Call: (888) 206-1157
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Musicians Unite, Linglestown, United States

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