Medieval Music, Greenock, United Kingdom

World of Medieval Music There is a change in the world that has been building for some time. I call it the "Pan Medieval Movement". People the world over are rediscovering their medieval roots, and a shared history that heretofore had not been emphasized or made important. That is changing and you can feel the tempo of events moving. It does not matter if you are a historian, a culturalist, a medieval reenactor, living history enthusiast or belong to any number of myriad groups like the Society for Creative Anachronists, the one thing that links, and unites all is the sound of music. World of Medieval Music provides a locus or focal point for all of the diverse groups to come together and share their love of history. That is rare. Rare to find a global community. What is even rarer is the research which goes into creating and selecting music which is posted. Each post contains superb compact kernels of knowledge, that I think a great many will not realize they are being taught even as they listen to the music. “We are the centralized castle with magnificent library, public square, secluded abbeys, local tavern, and marketplace for the soundscape the world is craving. We are your passage to the lands of mystery and legends. We are never-ending story but the story with the happy end. We are The Medieval World.” Sirius Lux Grammaticvs, AD 2010 - 2014. Medieval Music Greenock, Scotland, UK 82 Newark street pa167tf Greenock United Kingdom Call: +447811370355
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Medieval Music, Greenock, United Kingdom

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