El Mastaba Center For Egyptian Folk Music, Cairo, Egypt

Folklore Music Egypt's Folk Music Heritage.. Contact Information: 0223926768 011 50 99 5354 010 00 92 3632 or visit our Website: Egypt is a diverse and rich country in every sense and its music heritage is no exception. Since ten years, El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music, founded by Zakaria Ibrahim has been taking as its mission to preserve, archive and document and also develop the traditional Egyptian folk music that reflects the history, the socio-economic transformations and collective memory of this nation. El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music was founded Zakareya Ibrahim in July 2000 by . His passion for the Egyptian traditional folk musical heritage has driven him to start up an organization that works for preservation, development and documentation of this unique and beautiful art. El Mastaba Center is located in down town Cairo and has regular weekly concerts in Cairo ( El Tanboura Band and Rango Band) and three in the Suez Canal region (Port Said, Ismailia and Suez). El Mastaba is supporting and promoting many Egyptian folk bands representing different types of Egyptian folk music. Check out the many bands: Why El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music? Egypt is rich in its different forms of music, folk songs and traditional artists who preserve the nation's memories and express sentiment and affection of Egyptian people.However for many reasons this great heritage is threatened of extinction and to be forgotten. Most of the efforts done so far to keep folk music alive are limited and keep this music limited within theatrical types and rhythms- usually made with touristic purposes in mind- and are therefore not enough to express the core and authenticity of the Egyptian musical folk history. At El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music we aim to bring Egyptian folk music closer to the every day Egyptians and to foreign audiences as well. We want to introduce this kind of music to those who don't know it and to encourage the younger generation to discover the beauty of their musical heritage and to make them not only want to learn more about it, but to become intrigued by its originality, develop it and take it to the next level, while keeping the originals well documented and archived. The Mission of El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music is based on these goals: - Re-create and revive traditional music in different regions all over in Egypt - Document and archive Egyptian traditional songs, music and musical instruments - Develop traditional Egyptian music with all its aspects:performance, instruments and its musicians - Market folk artists and bands through regular performances, broadcasting and several outreach tools - Facilitate educational activities to preserve all categories of Egyptian folk music from extinction 4 sweqat ElSabbaeen Street. - Off Maglis El Sha'b Str., El Sayeda Zeinab, 11461, Cairo, Egypt 11461 Cairo Egypt Call: 0223926768
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El Mastaba Center For Egyptian Folk Music, Cairo, Egypt

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