Lone Wolf Professional Coaching Services, Wellingborough, United Kingdom

Alistair Bray sftr x5 dip.psy Professional Coaching for humans and dogs. Lone Wolf Professional Coaching Services "Giving You The Confidence To Take The Lead" Alistair Bray is a life coach & Dog behaviourist Lone Wolf Professional Coaching Services provides a number of options and services Life Coaching COACHING IS NOT THERAPY - PERSONALISED COACHING PLANS Lone wolf life coaching provides an opportunity for individuals with an ASD to become more confident, cope with situations, build communication skills and develop and implement plans to create meaningful changes to their lives. Support, education and personal development are essential to the success of anyone in all aspects of life; this is just as true for people on the autistic spectrum as it is for anyone else. After deciding what you would like to get out of Coaching, a bespoke work programme will be created to record progress towards goals set. The Coaching process takes general goals and breaks them down into smaller, manageable steps. Lone wolf will find what works, what doesn't work, and will develop new and creative strategies to implement the changes you want to see in your life. All Coaching is delivered in a positive manner, with patience to build inspirational confidence. Programmes can start from as little one hour per week. Dog Agility Classes in Staverton Northamptonshire Alistair Bray is a Grade 7 Advanced Dog Agility handler with an excellent understanding of canine behaviour.Alistair has learnt to apply this thinking to maintain fast clear dogs that love the sport and the fun contained within Agility. From complete beginner to advanced handlers, for all breeds and size of dogs, Alistair provides high quality positive Dog Agility Training, working on Speed, Tight Turns and Power whilst keeping training fun and enjoyable to help you and your canine friend build towards a great dog and handler agility partnership. Wellingborough Walkies This is a walking group & obedience class hybrid. You attend a weekly walk and "real life" obedience class. Dog Behavioural Training Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, for a number of years, Alistair Bray of Lone Wolf has been working with many different breeds and sizes of dog. During this time he has gained vast experience in dealing with a wide range of canine behaviour. After studying Human and Equine psychology, Alistair then went on to study Canine psychology and physiology in which he achieved a Diploma in both fields. These subjects have enabled him to fully understand how dogs become our companions, team mates and family members. Through his training methods this information will be passed on to help you understand, appreciate and live in harmony with your canine friend. Kidgility These are interactive displays where children and adults take part in the display. The displays promote the "Yellow Dog" program and educate children on dog awareness and safety. Call: 07769220166
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Lone Wolf Professional Coaching Services, Wellingborough, United Kingdom

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