Abandoned, Old, & Interesting Places - Georgia

Georgia history, from a current point of view A collection, continuously in the works, of pictures of Georgia’s history…good and bad, ugly and beautiful…old, abandoned, or interesting…or old, abandoned, and interesting, whichever the case may be. If you have a picture of something that fits this description (from Georgia of course) and would like to post it, please do. If it is in any way offensive or not in the spirit of the page, I will delete it. If you submit a picture: 1. Please submit where it is located. 2. You won't be able to see likes and comments about the pic from your page, you will need to look at the "shared" pic on this page. Lots of times, people are asking you questions about your pic, so check the share. You'll know the answers best. 3. Some have asked for exact locations so that they can go and visit. The more detail about its location, the better.
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Abandoned, Old, & Interesting Places - Georgia

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