Interesting Facts About Psychology

This page is a way to get into the deeper realms of Psychology and get to know about facts that are highly interesting. It's a good, quick, and fascinating way to learn about Psychology. [Administrator: Saif Farooqi] Psychology in today's time is one of the fastest emerging areas of study. It is widely studied all over the world. It can be applied in varied settings such as mental health, schools, corporates, etc. Who are the major thinkers of Psychology? How did they make an impact in Psychology? What was their role in spreading Psychology? How did the concepts and theories in Psychology originate? How did Psychology evolve into a major area of study? These are some of the questions that the information provided in this page will answer. People who are enthusiastic about Psychology and have an urge to know more and more about it, will find it likable. It's a page for both who are into Psychology and those who do not have a background in Psychology. Some facts may be known and some may be unknown and some facts may be extremely surprising. There's something for everyone. It is simply a joy ride of Psychology. About the Administrator of the page: The administrator of the page is a PhD in Psychology, in the area of intimate relationships, from the University of Delhi, India. He is a writer, independent researcher, and conducts workshops and awareness programs in schools and colleges. Currently, he is also working as an Assistant Professor at Vivekananda College, University of Delhi, India. Twitter Page: LinkedIn Profile: Other pages from the page administrator: Life, Psychology, And A Lot More History Of Psychology (To read Psychology-based articles, visit my blog:
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Interesting Facts About Psychology

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