PA Balloon Sculpting Interest Group

PA BSIG is a volunteering group (in Singapore). We are a group of passionate hobbyists and volunteers in balloon sculpting. The purpose of the PA BSIG page is meant to create awareness of the group, promote local (Singapore) community engagement/bonding and generate interest through balloon sculpting. As this is a non-profit group, thus the main rule is - we strictly do NOT allow any form of commercial, business, profit seeking or non balloon related posts/messages in our page. Please also note that the PA BSIG page administrator has the rights to delete any posting or/and messages that violates the above mentioned rule. We appreciate that if any of our photos/images/videos posted in this page are to be used in any form of publication or sharing, please notify us for appropriate approval. Happy Browsing. PA BSIG Administrator 12 July 2015
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PA Balloon Sculpting Interest Group

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