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A collection of interesting facts We created this page to represent something similar to Wikipedia, but offering "QUALITY" interesting facts about anything that could tickle your brain. There are many facts in this world that should be known by everyone. We are trying spread the word about all the good and bad things that might interest you. If you are interested in particular fact please do not hesitate to send us your research about it. Fact submission process is something we take extremely serious. Each fact, before it is approved by editors, goes through process of validation. That means that we conduct research for valid source to verify submitted fact. Valid source is trustworthy book, website, television program or magazine. User edited websites do not fall into trustworthy categories. Some of the valid sources are: Discovery Channel, BBC, NASA website or We are surrounded by so many interesting facts and there is no reason to make up facts. You would be surprised how easy is to verify if fact is false. After the fact is verified as truthful (not made up by submitter) it is finally approved by administrators and presented on the front page. We hope you will learn something new and interesting on our website and maybe share your interesting facts with us.
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Interesting Facts

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