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Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places - North Carolina Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places - NC is currently co-owned and administrated by Cye Gray and Scott Garlock. We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your interest in our site as well as take the time to introduce ourselves. Hello, my name is Cye Gray and I live in Spring Hope, North Carolina, just the swing of a cat outside of Raleigh. I love photography, writing, history and way too many other things to mention. I also miss the old timey places of my boyhood like Dayton's store where my mama would often send me with a dollar to pick up a can of spam and a loaf of Meads Fine Bread for supper. I so loved smelling the pine- oil soaked floors and Mr. Dayton's ever present cigar as I walked in the door of that old store. And I dreamed of growing up and getting rich enough to buy RC Colas and coconut bon-bons, anytime I wanted, from those huge glass jars on his counter. Hi my name is Scott Garlock and I live in the town of Macon located in Warren County NC. I love exploration, hiking, Mother Nature, history and photography. I developed an interest in old and abandoned structures at a very young age. It all started on a lake at Salt Fork State Park in OH. While boating, my father spotted what looked like sun light reflecting off a mirror. The light was originating from a forested section of the park about 2 miles away. He decided to cruise across the lake to see if we could identify that source of light. We followed that reflection to a step hillside at the waters edge. As we dropped anchor and disembarked we noticed an old stone house inundated by vegetation. A lone second story window turned out to be the source of the sun glare refection that beckoned us. My father allowed me to take a peek inside the windowless window frames of the house. The effects of time and nature had taken their toll on the interior woodwork but I was absolutely spellbound the experience. I don't think there has been an old house that I've explored that I haven't thought of that day at the lake. Abandoned, Old & Interested Places In North Carolina is our own contribution to the grassroots movement made up of photographers and artists who are feverishly documenting what has come to be known as "Our Vanishing Americana." But not everything you see or read here will be abandoned or old. If it interests us and we think it might interest you too it just might show up here sooner or later. And since we frequently travel outside of North Carolina to places like Texas, Virginia, and Kentucky you might occasionally see something abandoned, old or interesting from those states as well. Hopefully, this will also be a place for others to share their own passion for this fascinating genre. Anyone is welcome to post but if you would like your work to be show cased on our main page please message us with your proposal. Just In Case..... If you decide to visit any of the places we cover here, please exercise caution as some may not be safe and we can not be responsible for any injuries. In some instances, you will need prior permission as they may be located on private, restricted property. We will provide owner contact information if requested, for those properties we have been given permission to do so. All photos are the sole property of the original photographer and should be considered copyrighted whether marked as such or not. None may be sold without the written consent of the original photographer. You are encouraged to share photos with other sites but please do so only with a link back to this site.
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Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places - North Carolina

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