Nanaimo Pet Services, Nanaimo, Canada

Nanaimo Pet Services specializes in dog and cat Grooming, Dog Agility training, Dog Obedience, Rally-O, Trick Dog Class and Dog Behaviour Modification. We also organize Agility Trials. We are your local Pet Specialist in Nanaimo since 1990. Grooming and anaesthetic free Dental Cleaning by appointment. Play Skool Monday through Friday. Agility classes Thursday evening. Obedience classes on Monday evening Special interest classes and Control Unleashed on Tuesday night Trick classes Frisbee classes and freestyle classes on Wednesday night Book classes on-line at or call 250-758-3908 4512 Wellington Rd/2723 Cedar Rd V9t 2H3 Nanaimo Canada Call: 250-758-3908
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Nanaimo Pet Services, Nanaimo, Canada

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