Emma's Pet Services, Rugeley, United Kingdom

Pet sitting, dog walking and animal care services in Rugeley. SERVICES & PRICES I offer a pet sitting service for all animals including cats, dogs, small animals, birds, reptiles, horses and domestic farm animals (e.g. chickens/goats) Pet sitting in your own home is a great alternative to using a boarding kennels or cattery to look after your pet while you are away. It is less stressful for your pet as they stay in their own surroundings and routine, and they can be visited as many times as you like. It also means your house is visited daily, so your plants get watered and your bins get put out. I do home visits which include checking your pet, letting them out for toilet breaks, feeding them, giving medication, cleaning them out and playing with them. Home visits are also good if your pet just needs a bit of company to break up the day while you are at work. ------------------- Home Visit – 30 mins - £6 Short Walk - £7 30 min walk. Price is for up to 2 dogs. Extra £2 per dog. Long Walk - £10 60 min walk. Price is for up to 2 dogs. Extra £3 per dog. Vet Visit (pet taxi) - £10 Includes picking up and dropping off pet from home (within the 6 mile radius). Overnight Stays - £20 Staying overnight to pet or house sit, includes an evening and morning walk for dogs. 7pm-7am Overnight Stay Plus 1 Day Visit - £25 As well as the 7am-7pm stay I will include an extra visit during the day. All walks include cleaning off if needed (e.g if muddy) ------------------- HORSES Discounts available if multiple horses on the same yard Turn Out/In inc Rug Change/Feed/Hoof Pick - £5 each time Muck Out Stable Only - £10 Full Day (Muck Out/In/Out/Rug/Feed/Hoof) - £18 Lunge/Long Rein - £10 1 hour including 30 min exercise, 30 mins to get ready and put away. Hold For Farrier/Vet/Dentist ect - £10 Price for up to 2 horses. Extra £5 for each additional horse. Poo Picking - £8 /hour Services also available for horses who live out, including visits to check and feed. ------------------- OFFERS Mon – Fri Dog Walk - discounts available for daily walks. 5 Days or Over Block Bookings Block bookings of at least 5 days will receive a 10% discount. All prices are within a 6 mile radius of Rugeley. Anything further is 25p per mile after the 6 miles Please call, text or message me if you have any questions or would like a quote. Call: 07803086923
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Emma's Pet Services, Rugeley, United Kingdom

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