Gloucestershire Pet Services, Gloucester, United Kingdom

Ultra sound scans on animals Microchipping pet sitting dog walking pet taxi licenced courier We are fully qualifed Ultra sound scanners on animals we have passed level one and level two at VIS We also have passed a course so we can aslo microchip animals all of our microchips are registered within a hour of chipping your pet on Petlog. We also are very expeainced doggy animal people we ourselfs have gsds so large breeds arent a probelm. To our background in obedince we also are good with helping with any probelms our clients may have We are always happy to help and go that extra mile We can be mobile should you not be able to come to us for a scan as we dont need a main supply to scan . Call: 01452 560593
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Gloucestershire  Pet Services, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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