Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services, Killingworth, United States

We are a family run rescue (not a shelter) located in Killingworth, Connecticut. Since 2002 we have rehomed over 300 dogs. We also offer boarding, $45/day All dogs available for adoption through DRPS live with us in our home, we do not use foster homes for any of our dogs as we get to know them best when we are with them day to day. This also makes it easy to schedule meetings with potential adopters. We also assist Dachshund owners properly rehome dogs they are able to keep in their care until the right home comes along. All rescue related expenses are paid for out of Anne's own pocket. Though the adoption fee is $350, we actually spend more than that vetting most of the dogs that come to us. Funds are raised through events, The Hot Dog sales, boarding and clinics; our WePay donations, Facebook auctions, and Amazon Wishlist are all new additions this past year. The majority of the dogs we get into rescue are due to 1. financial difficulty and foreclosure, 2. death or owner going to a nursing home 3. divorce or breakups, 4. Dachshund not good with small child or baby While we do occasionally take in dogs from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York State we are just three people so we cannot coordinate "pulling" of shelter Dachshunds outside of the area; if you know of a Dachshund in a shelter or in need of a new home outside of Connecticut please contact a Dachshund rescue that uses foster homes as they have a wide spread volunteer group. Just because our fosters live with us happily before they go to their forever homes this does not mean they are not "needy enough" as we have heard some people say- if our adoptable dogs are overlooked for this reason this may leave us unable to help other dogs. If you are interested in adopting from us please fill out the application to get pre-approved. Ideal adopters have a fenced in yard, have Dachshund experience, do not have small children, do not plan on having children in the future if they do not already have children, live in Connecticut (nearby out of state adoptions are considered if you come meet us and the dogs, and have good references), have a flexible work schedule or are semi retired (we do not want the dog sleeping 8 hours a night, then left home alone for 8 hours during the day- thats 16 hours!). We do not adopt to anyone who smokes inside the home as it is very destructive to a small dog's health. Call: 860-395-8929
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Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services, Killingworth, United States

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