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Last Chance Critter Rescue, Antioch, United States

In hopes of saving even one we provide a forever home or a new person to provide a forever home for dogs, cats and other creatures as able. We are a rescue We offer a loving home to all critters in need of a Last Chance at a forever home. We try to find the animals a new forever home, but those who do not are kept here with us; loved and cherished throughout their lives. We accept those who are not adoptable because of chronic illness or temperament and give them a stable loving home forever. We also save and work with ferals to make them more sociable and occasionally even adoptable. We use the same theory that the Horse Whisperer uses and let them choose how much contact they want from us humans. Most eventually choose to allow us at least enough trust to accept food. A few even learn by watching our previous ferals to allow us to pet them. A work in process that is lengthy, but so rewarding. As it is their choice the changes are always permanent and lasting for life. We are an all volunteer rescue and do not receive any grants or other outside support save for the donations of caring folks.
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Last Chance Critter Rescue, Antioch, United States

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