Technosteel Commercial Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

Manufacturer of Commercial Kitchen Equipments & Refrigration Equipments Technosteel is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of commercial kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, food courts and other institutions catering to the needs of food and beverage industry in India. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, our competitive pricing and our exceptional customer service. We believe that quality comes as a Standard. With our expertise and years of experience in the food service industry, we assure Avant Grade services to all our clients. Our range of services include consulting, kitchen planning & design, project management, installation and dependable after sales service. We are a one-stop shop for a complete service to actualize a preliminary concept to a functional kitchen. Our rigid Quality Assurance/Control procedures are maintained and implemented to the highest level of standard. This is in order to ensure that the product quality and services will meet the stringent requirements of our customers and their specifications. We specialize in finding solutions to meet the specific kitchen needs and we understand the importance and benefit of cultivating relationships, accessing, and incorporating cutting edge technology. It is our aim to be experienced in our field of expertise, showing flexibility, innovation and possessing a positive approach to all our undertakings. The quest is not over as we continuously endeavor to touch new horizon. Call: 9820922777
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Technosteel Commercial Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

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