The Small Business Association of Australia, Gold Coast, Australia

The voice of the small business owner. The Small Business Association of Australia is a dynamic small business organisation that specialises and supports The SME sector (small and medium enterprises). A core objective of the SBAA is to minimise small business failure. Founder, Anne Nalder, takes great pride in mentoring and supporting start up business owners. With a years of business experience on the Gold Coast, Mrs Nalder has a wealth of experience she is willing to share to encourage success within the sector. As a voice for small business owners, we have presented a white paper to the Minister for Small Business, Bruce Bilson. The goal of this paper, written by Lionel Bardon, is to offer practical programs and educate the Federal Government to work towards reducing the rates of small business closures in the current Australian economic climate. The SBAA hosts regular networking events in conjunction with our sponsors to enable small business owners to meet like-minded people offer each other support, services and most importantly to share ideas. These events also offer you the opportunity to learn from our guest speakers who have become top in their field. Mrs Gina Rinehart is the patron of The Small Business Association and is a proud supporter of small and local businesses. Having become the richest woman in the world through hard work and determination. Mrs Rinehart shows that with the right attitude, determination and a willingness to succeed, we can all achieve. PO Box 4936 4217 Gold Coast Australia Call: 07 5527 4417
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The Small Business Association of Australia, Gold Coast, Australia

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