Small Business Manila, Taguig, Philippines

This is a community of small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed people who seek and share creative but practical tips and ideas. I am about to build Small Business Manila into a more formal set up, starting off with With the same objectives as this Facebook Page, it will be everyone's guide to building their business, reinventing themselves, promoting their brands, and getting the much needed tips, ideas and even training that doesn't hurt the wallet or purse at all. A long, long time ago in the Internet, there was a prominent e-mail group called Small Business Manila. It was vibrant and alive in its heydays, and the banter between the members were always interesting and educational. It died its natural death like all e-mail groups when social media started replacing it. So, in the spirit of that much-missed e-mail group, I created this Facebook Page as a solemn oath that someday, I'd like to relive the vibrant conversations that happened before. This, therefore, is Small Business Manila. Bonifacio Global City 1634 Taguig Philippines
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Small Business Manila, Taguig, Philippines

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