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I'm obsessed with helping Retail and Hospitality business owners to find new customers and double their profits using my 5-step profit formula. Over the past 15 years I have owned and operated 5 of my own very businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. It’s no secret that a lot of hard work went into the daily operations – I’m sure many of you face the same challenges that I did each and every day. I strongly believe in having a great time at work – after all, work is just an extension of our personal time. Without our businesses or jobs, we would not have the income that affords us the lifestyle we are seeking, so why not make the most of your time working and enjoy it! I also believe that this passion to simply have fun has always translated into better staff recruitment, better customers, better supplier relationships, and simply smoother business operations. All of this in combination with an extreme hard work ethic and the use of proven marketing and sales strategies has allowed my businesses to thrive and prosper in the same locations & industries where others have failed. Helping others win is at the top of my priority list – I’ve been able to secure the lifestyle and income I dreamed of in the retail and hospitality industries, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same using my proven strategies and techniques. Want proof of what I can do? Then let’s have a chat so you can put me to the test for free! I will help you find $10,000 hidden in your business in just 45 minutes over the phone. Book a timeslot that suits you at I look forward to the opportunity to help your business progress and your lifestyle improve! Call: 0421700533
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Small Business Profit School, Main Beach

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