Small Business for Kshama Sawant

This group is for small businesses, owners, workers, advocates, and friends of small businesses that support Seattle City Councilor, Kshama Sawant. We have been hit hard by the recession. We face high rents and taxes and excessive borrowing costs while large businesses receive subsidies and tax exemptions. The regressive tax system places a higher and disproportionate burden on our small businesses. We support Kshama Sawant in her efforts to lower B & O and property taxes on our small businesses, make credit easier for us, and increase taxes and close loopholes on large businesses and corporations. We have witnessed for too long those in power helping large developers and corporations while ignoring the needs of our small businesses. We support Kshama Sawant in raising the minimum wage, which will in turn increase consumer spending and create a boost for the economy. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, minimum wages higher than the federal level saw faster growth in small businesses and retail jobs as small businesses were able to grow their employee base and performed better in all test categories. A poll from Small Business Majority shows 67% of small businesses support a higher minimum wage and 85% already pay their workers higher than the minimum wage. As small business owners, we have made the connection that higher wages boost worker morale, productivity, reduce turnover and the need for training new employees. We believe that a community that works to support our small businesses makes for a stronger community. We believe that Kshama Sawant will advocate on behalf of our small businesses, workers, and the community as a whole.
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Small Business for Kshama Sawant

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