Small Business Party of Australia Inc., Sydney, Australia

Small Business Party of Australia is established to promote and foster small Businesses in Australia and protect their rights. Australia’s dynamic and incredibly resourceful small businesses employ almost half the people working in the private sector, and most Australians enjoy the services provided by these hard-working small business people on a daily basis. Yet these services are provided in an increasingly burdensome business environment, wherein the small business person struggles under ever increasing government regulation with the bureaucratic work load foisted onto the small business person. Imagine what Small Business could do if it was freed of these many unnecessary reporting burdens and legislative imposts! There is currently no political party whose prime objective is the effective representation of Small Business people, their families and the people who Australian Small Business lives to serve – the Australian people! The two major parties are now so out of touch with the majority of the people that they effectively represent no one. Australians deserve to be heard, and they need to be heard! The Small Business Party is not just about Small Business, it is for everyone who relies upon Small Business for goods and services, who are employed by and contracted by Small Business enterprises throughout Australia to protect lifestyle, jobs, create new jobs and build wealth and independence for all who are connected to Small Business. Please show your support and join us now and have a voice in your future and control your destiny. United we will all stand and now is the time to be heard. GPO Box 2997 2001 Sydney Australia Call: 02 8212 3988
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Small Business Party of Australia Inc., Sydney, Australia

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