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Dhonburi Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Maintain a high standard of academic support and services to create qualified graduates. Dhonburi Rajabhat University was originally been founded in 1948 as ‘Woman’s Vocational Teacher Training School’ under the supervision of the Department of Vocational Education. Classes began on July 8th 1948. Its original purpose was to produce vocational teachers with a certificate of secondary school teachers. The school permitted students who had graduated from a higher-level vocational training school to be able to continue their studies in a 2-year degree program in the field of women’s arts and crafts. 1948 Vocational Training of Women School was established. Temporarily landless, the School’s female and male students studied at South Phranakorn Art and Craft School and subsequently at, Utaintawai Construction School. 1952 Department of Vocational Education purchased the property of Maha Ammart Ake Chaophrayaponlathep (Chaloem Gomarakul na Ayudhda), Minister of Agriculture (1921-1950), in order to establish the school of Woman’s Vocational Teacher Training. The parcel of land was 1,968-square-meters located at 190 Isaraphap Road, Wat Kunlaya Sub-District, Thonburi District, Thonburi Province (Bangkok today). 1955 The Women’s Vocational Teacher Training School was transferred to be under the supervision of Teacher Training Department in accordance with the policy of Ministry of Education. It continued producing trained vocational teachers. 1961 Since the Teacher Training Department had the policy to produce teachers with a certificate of education, the Ministry of Education announced on May 12th 1961 that the Woman’s Vocational Teacher Training School would henceforth become ‘Dhonburi Teacher Training School’. 1970 The Teacher Training Department elevated Dhonburi Teacher Training School to become ‘Dhonburi Teacher College’ on October 1st 1970, reasoning that the school provided a 2-year bachelor degree in the certificate of Education (Higher). 1970-1988 New buildings were continuously conducted to respond to the growing number of students entering various fields of study and at different levels of studying at Dhonburi Teacher College (Today, Dhonburi Rajabhat University). 1984 After the Teacher College Act (Issue 2) together with the cancellation of the In-Service Teacher and Academic Personnel Training Project Program, first started in 1978, the college originated ‘Educational Services for In-Service Personnel Project’ under the advice of Dr. Baker Federick. Of all teacher colleges, this project was said to be first started at Dhonburi Teacher College. 1992 King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) graciously conferred the title ‘Rajabhat Institute’ on ‘Teacher College’ on February 14th 1992. 1995 After the declaration of the Rajabhat Institute Act in 1995 that all teacher colleges had been elevated as Rajabhat Institutes, the name of Dhonburi Teacher College was officially renamed as ‘Dhonburi Rajabhat Institute’. During that year, the institute began an international academic exchange project with the Educational Committee of the Jilin Province and Northeast Normal University (P.R. China) and latter expanded academic collaboration to other countries in the following years, for example, Taiwan, and the Philippines. 2001 Department of Commercial Aviation (Ministry of Transport) allocated Dhonburi Rajabhat Institute land of 107,340 square meters in Bangpla sub-district, Bangplee district, Samutprakarn Province to construct a new campus, officially named ‘Dhonburi Rajabhat Institute, Higher-Education Center, Samutprakarn Province’. 2004 In accordance with the Rajabhat University Act of 2004, Dhonburi Rajabhat Institute transferred its status and name to ‘Dhonburi Rajabhat University’. Dhonburi Rajabhat University 172 Itsaraphap Road Thonburi 10600 Bangkok Thailand Call: 0-28901801 - 8 , 0-2466-9000
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Dhonburi Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand

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