Teen Challenge UK, Upper Broughton, United Kingdom

Teen Challenge UK operates nationally to help those with life controlling problems. We are a UK registered charity. Teen Challenge UK is a registered charity and operates nationally to help individuals who have developed life controlling problems, especially drug and alcohol addictions, and also to offer preventative help to those who may be in danger of doing so. Teen Challenge UK started in the Sixties and now works in fifteen locations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Teen Challenge London and Teen Challenge Strathclyde grew out of Teen Challenge UK and are now affiliated works. The goal of Teen Challenge UK is to help people become mentally sound, physically well, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted & spiritually alive. Teen Challenge is built on and driven by Christian values and beliefs, which clearly show how precious and loved each individual is. We take this message to young people whose lives are messed up, who have lost all sense of self worth, self esteem and often the will to live. Everybody deserves the opportunity to live free and to become everything they were created to be. Willoughby House LE14 3BH Upper Broughton United Kingdom Call: 01664822221
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Teen Challenge UK, Upper Broughton, United Kingdom

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