Personal & Business Coaching, Los Angeles, United States

מנטורית ומאסטר באימון - מובילה תהליכי שינוי, התפתחות והעצמה בשיטה ייחודית. יועצת לעסקים קטנים ובינוניים בתהליך ההקמה והvתבססות My life Mission is to influence the world with love and kindness and to support others in their life path on their way to greatness. To flourish and to help others do the same! I'm a certified coaching master, specialized in leading personal grows and change processes. Supporting personal development and empowerment processes using a unique coaching methods and mindset adjustments. Business Coaching Consulting offered to new business from business plan to the establishment. Call: (310) 806-1784
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Personal & Business Coaching, Los Angeles, United States

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