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Personal Trainer Your Fitness Is My Business operates out of a fully functional gym in a private location, therefore aleviating the overwhelming feeling you may experience at a large over crowded gym, also aleviates parking problems. I offer a personal training service, specialising in customized one-on-one & couples training. Bringing the "Personal" back for individuals who desire a directional approach to exercise, support & motivation of having a Personal Trainer. Creating a Lifestyle change, through receiving nutritional advice/education, enhancing quality of life, acheiving weight loss/fitness goals & many other benefits through physical training are all achievable with me as your Personal Trainer, as I make "Your Fitness, My Business"..!! I also offer weekly Bootcamp classes at a private location, so there is no sharing a park with others or having on lookers stare at you, whilst you are trying to workout. This allows me to have quite a large range of materials to use for my Bootcamp classes, therefore i keep them edgy, fun & you won't find any boring (same old, same old every week) at my Bootcamp. A little about me. Becoming a Personal Trainer wasn't just a career goal for me, it was about utilising my every day healthy life style & encouraging others to do the same. Fitness is an everyday requirement for me, I love how I look, how healthy I am & how happy I feel. Exercising/training is to me, what eating is to others, a necessity. I wasn't always fit & healthy, I have battled with my weight since High School along with the name calling, the bullying etc. This empowered me to make a healthy life style change & to become fit & healthy. I discovered several years ago what works for me nutritionally & physically, so therefore I nipped the yoyo weight problem in the butt. Having these life skills & weight battles, will enable me to not just listen to my client, but feel them & where they are coming from. With my knowledge, compassion, drive & enthusiasm, I will empower others. And i won't just leave you to fend for yourself when you are not training with me, I will support you & encourage you all the way. I will not give up on you & you will not give up on yourself, as "Giving Up Is No Longer An Option"...!! So, when i say to you, YOUR FITNESS IS MY BUSINESS, you better believe it...!! Bunkers Hill School Road 4350 Westbrook Australia Call: 0407620010
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Your Fitness Is My Business

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