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LIFE is a world-changing mission of love, hope and transformation through the renewing of a person’s mind. Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point (and truly several points) in their lives, the only question is: Will they be ready? LIFE Leadership launched with the purpose of providing world-class leadership materials to business executives, entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, pastors, church leaders, administrators, community service leaders, public servants, teachers, parents, and anybody who will find themselves in a position to lead. When it gets right down to it, leadership is for everyone. Nobody will be able to make their way through life without needing to draw upon the toolbox of leadership. Sadly, many people lack these tools and therefore get to live with the consequences of being ill-equipped. These consequences include missed opportunities, unfulfilled career aspirations, financial woes, and broken relationships. Although leadership is for everyone, not everyone will equip themselves. Therefore, it may be helpful to consider a list of people for which the LIFE Leadership materials don't apply. LIFE leadership training materials are NOT for those who: 1. Refuse to take 100% personal responsibility for their results in life. 2. Would rather fix blame than fix problems. 3. Want an easy, comfortable life without having to earn it. 4. Already know everything and are therefore unteachable. 5. Have character issues they refuse to address. LIFE Leadership is for those who earnestly seek a better life, are interested in the strenuous process of personal growth, are driven to succeed in significant ways, and are committed to a life of excellence for a higher purpose. Our Point of View: You can live the life you've always wanted. We believe it requires correct information, applied with discipline, consistency, and purpose, over time, and with the support and encouragement of a community of people aligned in common purpose. Our Purpose: LIFE Leadership seeks to provide the information, encouragement, opportunity, and community necessary to individuals who are hungry to live a life that counts! We don't know what we don't know, we've forgotten some of what we did know, but we know what we didn't used to know, and we'll help you learn it too! Mediocrity is for the many. Leadership is for the few. Everyone will be called upon to lead - few will be ready.
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Kris-Leadership,Business and Personal Development

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