The Disputed Families Welfare Organization (N.G.O), Karachi, Pakistan

(1) The reconcile any dispute between Husband and wife due to any thing.if there is dispute between spouse it gives bad effects in the attitude,behavior and character of children as well as due to parents dispute their education,health and personality also disturbed.we want to become a source and and intend to make efforts to observe love and unity with peace and also make the relation save the children and family we can provide our help and advice for reconciliation. (2) To help and solve the matter of any family where divorce has effected according to law and if there are children of the spouse,to save them from depression, inferiority complex and so the personality,health and education should not be suffered. to insist the parents for giving love and affection to the children even after divorce for good and acceptable attitude of the children. (3) If both the person arrange second marriage, in this situation who will maintain the children either mother,father or both if any of then does not maintain the children,"INSHAALLAH" our institution shall support and try to maintain, educate them with our sources and ability to them a good citizen (4) We shall all the persons whosoever may be of any religion, caste,language,or he may be any of country,city is no restriction.Our aim is only to help those persons who are needy only in the Name of Allah because the best religion is to love,human beings and help them with our sincere efforts."INSHAALLAH" (5) Wedding is a lovely bit strong Fastener, Not a game few days,rather a lifetime is to live with relationship,It is said that the couple are made on the heavens,But their relationship is on earth,Not only two people through marriage,Rather two families connect among themselves,Behalf of any one of same two sides to the a mistake could cause a anarchy in both families,Made by Behalf of any party this beautiful relationship equilibrium distaste and ignored have. (6)Sometimes such mistakes are behalf of wife,which There are able forgiveness,However not want to forgotten husband and abuses them from the fire tend to burned his himself little paradise,And sometimes such fog of more skeptical in his eyes wives becomes den happiness that relationships There are identical rays of shining,Therefore it is very important to maintain balance in Fastener of love,It's important to understand that married life do not no beautiful story,favorite in which everything be. (7) Keep coming up ups and downs in life,To cross that requiring patience,say that can not live on agreements,But when the biggest problem for us to achieve success can compromised, how can Ignore the this issue of the life? Call: <>
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The Disputed Families Welfare Organization (N.G.O), Karachi, Pakistan

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