Missing Minors The Pink Ladies Organization - Ngo 2007, Cape Town, South Africa

THE PINK LADIES ORG FOR MISSING CHILDREN 2007 Nat No 0722147439 REPORT ANY MISSING CHILD/PERSON- Nat no. Cell: 072 214 7439 - email: Remember only the reporter /direct family may phone to report a missing. THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO IS THE NAME OF THE SAPS STATION WHERE IT WAS REPORTED TO - IT MUST BE THE CLOSEST STATION TO WHERE THE PERSON/CHILD WAS LAST SEEN ALIVE. If you post from other FB pages it could not be picked up and time is wasted. Thanks. Please Like Our Page - Section 21 Company Reg. No. 2007/018067/08 NGO Registered with CIPRO RSA; National cell 072 214 7439 (ONLY EMERGENCIES) NOT OTHER QUERIES ANY ADULT CASE - A MISSING PERSONS FORM HAS TO BE COMPLETED. Minors Missing - The Pink Ladies org FB Page please note. Restrictions on information posted • The Administrators of Nana Rechner - The Pink Ladies org for missing children shall not be held responsible for any images or personal information, of any kind whatsoever, of any person or organization whatsoever posted illegally by members on this page. Members posting such information shall accept full responsibility should disclosure of such information results in legal action. • Gossiping or personal attacts shall not be allowed. • The posting of photos of minors, mutilated or murdered victims of crime is illegal and totally forbidden on this page. Please note that names and or photos of victims of crime may not be published or posted unless released by the SAPS and approved by the family. • Newspaper articles or any other comments, providing the possible whereabouts of missing persons that may obstruct the investigation are forbidden. • Religious debates or differences shall not be allowed. Administrator’s rights • Administrators deserve full rights to delete/ban any posts, and or comments, and the person posting such comments, other than that in line with the purpose and policy of this group. Write to and we will reply with a form that needs to be completed. IF YOU WISH TO JOIN OUR ORGANISATION TO BE IN THE TASK TEAM PLEASE WRITE TO and tell us about yourself. Welcome to PLTT! Adderley Street 8000 Cape Town South Africa
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Missing Minors The Pink Ladies Organization - Ngo 2007, Cape Town, South Africa

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