Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland Check the events tab on this page for "whats on" and RSVP. Aviva Stadium tickets are distributed through the IRFU and FAI for matches and Ticketmaster for concerts. Rugby ticket information is available at Enquiries to Football ticket information is available at Enquiries to Concert tickets are available at or alternatively contact Ticketmaster at 1890 92 51 00 Premium TicketsAre sold separately by the IRFU and FAI. See contact details below for these premium area tickets: Rugby ticket information is available at or 01 647 3800 Soccer ticket information is available at or alternatively on 1890 20 20 10 Our community guidelines We love to hear what you have to say, but we want to make sure our Facebook page is one that can be enjoyed by everyone. If we remove posts because they don't meet certain requirements - don't take it personally, we're just playing by the rules. As such, we reserve the right to remove content that, at our sole discretion includes profanities, defamatory statements, offensive, abusive, harassing, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links);is disparaging, threatening, condones violence, is subject to legal issues or publicises, encourages or endorses illegal behaviour; is disruptive to the community (including overtly political or religious bias intended to incite others); is unrelated to Aviva Stadium, excessively repetitive and/or is spam; Whilst we are keen to foster informative conversation on the page, three similar ‘off-topic’ posts by any one user will be considered spam. So that discussions can remain focused for all of our users, these posts are then liable to be removed. New discussions may be started on new topics and all relevant comments should be directed there; Any user repeatedly spamming will be blocked; contains any personal information e.g. address,email address or phone number; is commercial, e.g. sells products and services, or attempts to recruit fans and followers; Call: (01) 238 2300
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Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

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