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The Other Foundation promotes human rights and social inclusion in southern Africa with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity The Other Foundation is an African trust dedicated to advancing human rights and social including in southern Africa with a particular focus on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our primary purpose is to expand resources available to defend and advance the rights and wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex people in the southern Africa region, recognizing the particular dynamics of race, poverty and inequality, sex, national origin, heritage, and politics in our part of the world. We do this by working both as a grant maker and fundraiser. Overseas financial and political support for the rights and wellbeing of LGBTI people in Africa is a challenge because it is often seen as promoting a “foreign” agenda and way of life. This sometimes unintentionally alienates African LGBTI people’s identities from their societies. To avoid these harmful risks, it is necessary to build the field of social investment in Africa to support community organizations, research and advocacy groups that advance the rights ad wellbeing of LGBTI people in a more sustained way at a larger scale . However, very little is done to build the field of strategic philanthropy in this way in Africa and traditional donors have been reluctant to invest in this kind of work. Through the philanthropy development programme, the Other Foundation offers a unique platform to advance this field of work, consistent with its strategic vision of being an African community foundation. The need for the systematic development of a giving community amongst the public in southern Africa to support the work of the Other Foundation is also necessary to be able to raise the matching grant that the Other Foundation has from the Atlantic Philanthropies. The Other Foundation has initiated the “A Million Ones” campaign as one of the fundraising streams under the philanthropy development programme. The goal of the campaign is to raise ZAR 1 million in direct from public fundraising for the Other Foundation through the creation of a supporting giving community.
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The Other Foundation

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