The Other Side #TOS, Glendale, United States

Opening the door of opportunity to help those struggling with health, literacy, and self-esteem by providing resources, education, and a helping hand. Jason Derulo is passionate about making a difference all over the world, but currently is focused on Haiti, where his parents are from. Students in Matenwa, La Gonave are fortunate to be able to learn in their native tongue, Kreyòl. This gives those students who speak Kreyòl only (the numerical majority in Haiti) a better cognitive basis to learn second languages such as French, English and Spanish. Unfortunately, the model school only runs through 9th grade, meaning students either must abandon their education or attend an inferior school away from their families. Jason wants to help change that. By funding this high school, these children will have a chance to enter the same school in preschool and come out on "The Other Side" as high school graduates. It will truly change lives and give them a better chance of success in their adult years. 6635 W. Happy Valley Rd. a104-614 85310 Glendale United States Call: (888) 868-6157
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The Other Side #TOS, Glendale, United States

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