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‘An Hour for Others will brighten the lives of people it works with, by inspiring people & businesses to become actively involved in community issues. Can you help with an hour for others? A few months ago, I said I wanted to try and help those less fortunate than myself. I asked on Facebook if people would donate their skills or volunteer their time to try and help people we know, people in our streets and communities or just those across the city who might need a helping hand. I was getting fed up, and angry, at how society has become, to only think of ourselves and how many people didn't seem quite so sure what they could do to help. In the past couple of months I have been working with a few mates and we have set up a new organisation - An Hour for Others. We are a charitable organisation made up of people who care. The purpose is to bring together those who have things to offer (resources) - time, skills, equipment and even money, and point it in the direction of those who need it but might not know where to get help, who might not have the contacts or the ability to get done what they need. To get good people to stand up for each other and show the positives of community. So we have decided that we won't sit back any longer and just let it happen, that we will try and do something about it. It might work, it might not, but we will only find out by giving it a go. We are going to start small and we've already identified our first project. We aim to create a network of skilled workers/helpers across a wide variety of expertise. From plumbers, painters and heating engineers to taxi drivers and mobile phone distributors. Each will give up an amount of their time each week free of charge to help agreed poor/elderly members of our community. We will approach local businesses of every kind to get involved, by either donating services or materials to actually donating manual hours/workers for the good of the same communities they exist to profit from. As an organisation we will aim to work with as many local community groups, as possible to identify the people who will benefit from our services the most. In the short term we aim to build up a network of good people willing to get involved and give up hours of their time each week in helping the most needy within our community. We aim to have a growing database of local companies/businesses involved all willing to contribute towards a better community.
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An Hour for Others

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