Marma: Health - For You - For Others, Dallas, United States

Natural health products inspired by Grandma's remedies, proven by science and enriched with good karma - for every box sold, a child's life is changed. There's a reason why traditional health remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Because they work. We scour the world to bring you the simplest, most natural solutions for common health maladies, like a sore throat. Soon, you'll be able to make a difference while staying healthy. For every Marma product sold, we help a child in need. So you stay healthy, and you help change lives by bringing good health to others. Marma's mission is to improve human health: ours and others'. This is not only in our business model, it's in our legal DNA. We are a public benefit corporation and we are proud to be a B Corporation. Sign up today at to find out how it will all begin with a gargle. With your help, we can launch this movement with our first product: Marma Gargle, for sore throat relief. Available for pre-order at our Indiegogo campaign! Health. For You. For Others. 501 Elm St, Suite 450 75202 Dallas United States
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Marma: Health - For You - For Others, Dallas, United States

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