Radio Dinosaur FM 91.0 - Karonga Community Radio Station, Karonga, Malawi

On behalf of Radio Dinosaur I would like to inform the general public that MACRA has finally certified us to go on full time broadcasting. Ndagha Fiyo. The Karonga Community Trust (KCT) is an Organisation whose main goal is to implement, and manage the Radio Dinosaur FM 91.0. Its main focus is to educate, entertain, inform and address the Karonga District masses about different issues that are affecting them. The KCT was registered as a non profit-making NGO under the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) on 28th January, 2013. The Radio Station was awarded its broadcasting licence in June, 2013 and thereafter it was gazetted by the members of parliament allowing it to start broadcasting. The organisation`s main responsibility is to see that the communities in Karonga District are well informed on issues affecting their welfare. The Community’s Radio Station shall facilitate easy flow of information from public and private sectors institutions to the entire general masses of Karonga Community. The Radio will enable the people of Karonga to have more diversified source of information, education and entertainment. Karonga Community Trust was established to support and sustain the activities of the community radio station. The Radio Station is known as:- Radio Dinosaur FM and its frequency is 91 Mega Hertz FM. The Radio Dinosaur FM started way back from 2003 as a general concern to address some social economic issues that were affecting the district at large. The idea derived after getting reports from different research materials which took place in the district that indicates high illiteracy levels. And this hatched a formulation of a Radio Dinosaur FM which is at Karonga old town (Old MRA buildings) and it provides a suitable place for interaction with diverse kind of people. The area is rich in history with its Kya-Ngonde tradition, the beauty of the Cultural diversity, and also the palaeontological, archaeological heritage and precious stones like Uranium and Coal, these hoards very important stories worth to celebrate, treasure and indeed share with the Community. The fauna is similar to that discovered in South Africa. The area has also proved to be the home of a dinosaur world. Evidence of dinosaurs in the district has made a Radio to derives its name. Musyunguti House, Old Town +265 Karonga Malawi Call: 01 362 688
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Radio Dinosaur FM 91.0 - Karonga Community Radio Station, Karonga, Malawi

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