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P.S. A fashion affair! Orders at +40 (732) 611 632 About P.S. A We are a Romanian Manufacturing Clothing Company, working in lohn, but also developing our own clothing and lingerie brand P. S. A Clothing Company. Contact information: Email: Phone: +40 (732) 611 632 The concept of lohn Lohn production focuses on processing raw materials into wholesale clothing production. A clothes manufacturer makes a contract which means that they will produce items at the request of a client at the exact technical parameters in exchange for a pre-established sum of money. Lohn type contracts represent international contracts that include a big label or brand of international recognition and a wholesale fashion producer. This contract is usually made in the textile manufacturing industry. This type of business brings many benefits to the client, because he needs to make minimal investments to enlarge his production. The customer also has to pay the cost of production, transport and unpacking. Lohn production has two parts: Active lohn which represents labor export; the exporter being the one who manufactures the materials brought to him by the importer and exports them back as finished products. Exporting the manufactured clothes is destined for selling the products in a foreign country for profit or to promote commercial relationships. Pasive lohn represents the labor import, for the wholesale clothing producer lohn is active and for the client lohn is passive. The client sends the raw materials so they can be processed in the country where the wholesale fashion producer is established so that the finalized products can be imported back to him. Lohn is also called “monopoly commerce”, “labor export” or “custom production”. The process of manufacturing clothes in a lohn system is a different process than a simple import-export operation, because the subject of the operation is manufacturing raw materials especially for wholesale fashion production.
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PSA Clothing Company

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