National Telecommunication Institute ( Training Department), Cairo, Egypt

The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), being a reputed scientific, educational and research institution founded in 1983 The National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) was founded in 1984 to be a center for telecommunications systems, technologies, policies and management. NTI as a scientific, training and research institution has the following objectives: • Providing high quality, advanced post graduate engineering education and training in the field of telecommunications in order to meet the demand for professional engineers in modern telecommunication technology. • Conducting and sponsoring researches in the telecommunications field with the aim of solving technical problems which confront telecommunication companies, promoting local telecommunication industry and formulating a version for the future. • Providing technical and policy expertise in the form of consultation services, feasibility studies, network planning, standardization, technology assessment studies and field measurements and testing. • Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences in the various fields of telecommunication technology, policy and management. • Cooperating with regional and international organizations working in information and communications technology field. Call: 002035342457
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National Telecommunication Institute ( Training Department), Cairo, Egypt

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