Basewater Telecommunications Services Limited, Abuja, Nigeria

Basewater Telecommunications Services Limited (BTSL) (RC No.1136182) Helping you bridge the communication gap between you and the ones you care about. Basewater Telecommunications Services Limited (BTSL) is an international and professional company that specializes in information and communication technology (ICT) for more than a decade with offices in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria, it also has many affiliate branches in Malaysia, China, Hong-Kong, UK and USA. Our international resources and network have extended worldwide with credible experts across the globe. The Company’s activities include operation, purchase, delivery, installation, management and maintenance of sophisticated information technology devices. Call: + 234(0)8036272979, +2348036082938, (Nigeria) , +60177507620 (Malaysia)
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Basewater Telecommunications Services Limited, Abuja, Nigeria

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