Entertainers' Heaven - - ... Entertainers' Heaven™ is brought to you by Finn Film Entertainment, home for the world's most appreciated performing artists and models. Finn Film was founded in 1921 by playwright Teuvo Pakkala, Toivo T. Kaila, PhD, and M.Sci. G. H. Michelson in Oulu, Finland, as a motion picture production company. The present-day Finn Film continues from where Mr. Pakkala and his partners left off, following the principles for the production of quality entertainment, set forth by the original founders. We welcome entertainment industry producers, directors and casting agents to team up with us and to connect with the talented entertainers in our winning team. Finn Film's social network communities have currently over 200'000 members and followers, including a number of the world's best recognized entertainers and models. We invite aspiring entertainers and fashion and photo models, up-and-coming as well as seasoned professionals, to become a part of our family and to join our preparations for future entertainment productions. We look forward to connecting you with fascinating new opportunities in the field of entertainment. Finn Film offers news, information and entertainment to all and provides PR and management services as well as work opportunities to performing artists, including - but not limited to - actors, comedians, screenwriters, filmmakers, musicians and models. We welcome you to join us in our social network communities, including - but not limited to - the following: Contact: ______________ TALENT SEARCH #models #actors #comedians #musicians #photographers #photoshoot #hairmodels #Hollywood
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Entertainers' Heaven

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