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"Be inspired and pass it on..that's what it's all about" Shana Mongwanga More info on Shana Mongwanga Shana Mongwanga is a Human Rights Activist / Campaigner and also works as Director, Producer, Writer and Actor. Currently based in London. She was born in Bukavu, East of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is currently based in London. She has a Master in Political Science/ International Relations and is a Bachelor in Law from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). She worked for the Jesuit Refugee Service-UK Office in advocating and lobbying and on behalf of Refugees and Asylum seekers on a National and European level. A particular emphasis of her work included to accompany, serve and advocate for asylum seekers in detention centres across Europe. In response to a growing frustration and the lack of tackling the root causes of refugee issues, she founded AFRICA LIVES! to challenge stereotypes about developing countries particularly Africa, often portrayed as un-resourceful, dying continent and the perpetual victimisation of African women. AFRICALIVES! is an organisation dedicated to projects encouraging positive social change using Films, Theatre and Art. As a Film Director Shana Mongwanga trained with various Independent film projects in London, such as Raindance, Documentary Filmmakers Group and Women in Digital Entertainment. On the job training includes work placement at Michael Winterbottom's Revolutions Films production company. As a writer, she took part in the Royal Court International Writers Program. Which resulted in the play "KENZO" about knife crime in London. Other writing credits include "CONGO INDEPENDENCE”, a journey through the Congolese Independence. As an Actor, she trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London, and was the recipient of Dance and drama Award in London and winner of Concours“Scenes a Deux” at the Belgian National Theatre. She has appeared an collaborated in various films and theatre productions in London and Europe. She is an active member of various media and community platforms and women's group to foster real and tangible change in Africa and Congo in particular. She is the Manager of the Shakespeare Readers Society. Read more about our work in the INTERVIEW section. INTERVIEWS -TV and Radio INTERVIEWS - Magazines -2005 she founded the AFRICA LIVES! PRODUCTIONS which has been making films for Charities and and Companies promoting Social Change. -2009, the organisation included AFRICALIVES! THEATRE to pursue the work by Belgian based theatre "Compagnie Théatrale Ebene et Ivoire". -2010 it included AFRICALIVES! ART to showcase and support artwork from emerging artists from African background who are often absent on the world stage, although their works and influence are undeniable. -In 2012 the organisation launched AFRICALIVES! NETWORKS in response to the growing need to provide efficient network structure for policy and advocacy to various project development, communities and organisations.
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Shana Mongwanga / Actor / Director

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