MaximB - Mining Transportation Solutions, Nigel, South Africa

Manufacturers of purpose-built personnel carriers and support vehicles for the underground mining application, focusing on safety and reduced maintenance NCS Engineering, a division of Compaction Technology (Pty) Ltd, is based in Nigel, east of Johannesburg, South Africa. Since its inception in 1970, NCS Engineering has continually strived to provide the highest possible service level to its customers by continually improving costs and lead times whilst maintaining an emphasis on quality. A drive towards the implementation of a Quality Management System was initiated in the early 90’s, with ISO 9001 certification being passed in 1993. ISO9001-2000 was granted to NCS Engineering in 2002. Although there is an unprecedented acceleration towards higher quality, NCS Engineering is also proud to be able to support this drive with the ability to handle a wide range of products within competitive turn around times. This ever increasing pressure is managed through computer aided design and computer aided systems that are employed within the company. Added to this is the use of flexible numerically controlled equipment operating under the supervision of fully qualified personnel. The early 80s saw the development of liquid cooled failsafe braking systems that were to be offered solely to the South African market, with underground trackless mining vehicles being the target for these products. These products have since evolved dramatically and are now also aimed at other surface vehicles and for numerous applications. The braking systems have since proven to be reliable systems requiring minimal maintenance and have become, through the implementation of a continuous improvement program, price and quality competitive. The success of the S300 and L500 braking systems have led to other developments, including braking systems for trailers and commercial vehicles, which are already on offer to the market. Other developments include, for example, brake modifications from pneumatically to hydraulically applied failsafe safe braking systems. With an increased presence in the market place, NCS Engineering decided to develop a purpose built mining support vehicle for the mining industry. The apparent lack of purpose built personnel carriers and support vehicles for the underground application also contributed to the development decision, with input offered from senior personnel from the SA mining houses. Although a range of standard LDV conversions are available, NCS Engineering’s primary objective was to develop and supply a purpose built vehicle to withstand the intended underground application, with emphasis on the build and componentry quality, safety and the reduction of the maintenance and operational costs. This resulted in the Maxim B range of purpose-built, undergound personnel carriers and support vehicles. 24 5th Street, Vorsterkroon 1490 Nigel South Africa Call: +2711 814 6407/8/9
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MaximB - Mining Transportation Solutions, Nigel, South Africa

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