Recursos Encinal S.A., Managua, Nicaragua

Encinal Resources is an international private company with Swiss, American and Canadian management that provides chemical-free solutions for Gold Mining. Encinal Resources S.A. is a Nicaraguan private company with American and Canadian senior management that is constructing a processing facility to extract gold and silver from small volume, high-grade vein ores in the area. It was founded by Bill Dumont, a visionary entrepreneur, who was looking for ways to eliminate mercury use in mining and to also find green solutions for the mining industry while looking to exploit the value added steps in mining that create value within an integrated operational, structural, and financial framework designed purely on risk mitigation for everyone involved. Operationally, Encinal will purchase broken gold and silver-bearing ore from small miners, who will deliver it to the Encinal process site; Encinal may also purchase tailing from small processors, with high contents of gold, silver, and mercury by virtue of the way processing is done. Call: 22707665
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Recursos Encinal S.A., Managua, Nicaragua

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Found: 17.08.2015


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