Stanford American School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

សាលាអាមេរិកាំង ស្ទេនហ្វដ Our Address: 855-12-956 337 សាលាអាមេរិកាំង ស្ទេនហ្វដ 855-12-956 337 Stanford American School (SAS) is an English School that teaches you effective writing, communication and public speaking skills for you to succeed in your career. We will teach you how to write persuasive CV and cover letter to land your next job. Also, after taking our public speaking class at Stanford, you will be an expert in communicating your ideas and making people listen to you. We believe that expressing yourself effectively in English will land you many great opportunities in your career goals. ========================== So REGISTER NOW for our VERY UNIQUE classes (not taught anywhere else) that teach you: 1. Business Writing Class a. CV and Cover Letter writing b. E-mail communication c. Proposal writing d. Report writing e. Letter writing 2. Professional Communication and Public Speaking Course a. Learning The Art of Effective and Persuasive Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Both Personal and Professional Development b. Learning How To Conduct Topic Research and Organization Techniques to Best Convey Your Message c. Mastering How To Successfully Prepare and Maximize Your Oral and Visual Presentations d. Gaining Confidence and Leadership - By Standing Up and Speaking! Call us at 855-12-956 337 Street 146 12157 Phnom Penh Cambodia Call: 069668758
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Stanford American School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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