Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, United States

Baldwin High School is located at 155 Highway 49 West in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA. The original building opened in 1988 as a combination of Milledgeville's two former high schools, Boddie High School and the original Baldwin High School. New additions since 2003 include a classroom wing, a JROTC building, and a fine arts wing, with more additions under construction. Baldwin is the only public high school in Baldwin County, and the largest of the three total high schools. The other two are private schools: John Milledge Academy and Georgia Military College.Early daysDuringsegregation, Boddie was the black school and Baldwin was the white school. To integrate the schools in 1971, many years after Brown vs. Board of Education, the main buildings of Baldwin became the high school, containing grades 10-12. Boddie became the junior high school, containing grades 8-9, with one of the buildings at Boddie called Sallie Davis Middle School and containing grade 7.In 1988, Baldwin County built the current Baldwin High School and graduated its first class in June 1989. The old Baldwin High School became Baldwin Middle School, and Boddie became Boddie Middle School. Around the year 2000, Baldwin Middle and Boddie Middle were closed, and were merged into Oak Hill Middle School, a short distance from Baldwin High. A new condo development called the Bellamy is at the old Baldwin Middle site, and an apartment complex known as Baldwin Park is located where the old football stadium used to be. 155 GA Highway 49 W 31061 Milledgeville United States Call: (478) 453-6429
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Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, United States

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